Casalingo Burger will offer customers a variety of homemade burger (Hormone and Antibiotic Free) and drinks. It is a burger designed to stand out as a healthy lifestyle brand with homemade burger using locally sourced ingredients, as well as establishing itself as a comfort for people to enjoy. Casalingo Burger will source its ingredients from the various farmer’s markets in and around York Region. The owner of Casalingo Burger already has an established working relationship with some farmers, and it will be able to leverage these relationships to ensure that its suppliers meet demand at a cost-effective price-point. Casalingo Burger plans special recipes feature anything with the traditional ingredients and toppings on creating a homemade burger. Casalingo Burger will become an addiction for any who will taste it. The mission of Casalingo Burger is to sell unique gourmet homemade burger in a pleasing atmosphere.

Our Menu


French Fries

$ 4.00

Fresh cut fries


$ 10.00

Fresh cut fries topped with gravy, cheese curds and some other toppings

Soft Drink

$ 2.00

Coke, 7 Up, Ginger Ale, Diet, Brisk iced tea


$ 3.00

Orange Juice, Apple Juice


“If you love great burgers this food truck can offer you a delicious homemade burger. Stopped in and had a veal burger meal and a side of onion rings. Best burger I've had in years. Fries and onion rings were fresh, crisp, and amazing. Reasonable price for a good quality burger. I recommend going and trying it. Five stars are not enough.”

Morteza M.

“The burgers here not only are very tasty and but are a great size for their prices. I like those beef and veal burger, however delicious' onion rings are good at all!!! Friendly service, food made quickly. Got a delicious beef burger combo. The onions are too thick and then breading (although well flavoured) are too thin. My advice, grab your burger from here and make your day happy.”

John B.

Our Location

Food Truck #1

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Food Truck #2

It is not set up for working

Food Truck #3

It is not set up for working

Location of our food trucks changes day by day. We will be in Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Stoufville and East Gwillimbury. You will find the exact location when you check the website each day around 10am. You will see the location is off when the food truck is not working. We usually work between 12 pm to 5 pm but can change for specific events and holidays.


12pm - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
12pm - 5pm
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